TECNA Balancers: New Features

Improvements to TECNA Balancer Models 9320 to 9350 and 9320NY to 9350NY

TECNA has introduced significant improvements and new features to balancer models 9320 – 9350 and 9320NY – 9350NY. These upgrades are the result of ongoing research, development and innovations to performance, safety and packaging.

Balancer Upgrade | TECNADirect.com


An axial mounting retaining ring has been added to the front of the updated balancer models, ensuring greater resistance to impact.

TECNA Axial Mounting Circlip | TECNADirect.com


The pin at the back of the balancer has been modified in order to allow for riveting. This simple effective screw lock system on our balancers guarantees a high level of reliability, even in heavy-duty applications such as those involving persistent vibration.

TECNA Screw Lock System | TECNADirect.com


In order to protect the balancer from potential damage caused by improperly discharging the spring, the adjustment bushing has been entirely redesigned. In the new models, discharging the spring is actuated by a specific lever, while a wrench may be used to charge the spring.

TECNA Adjustment Bushing | TECNADirect.com


When the balancer is moved on rails, there is a possibility of collision with other objects. The retaining ring and central pin are now protected by a new red protection cap.  This cap is able to absorb impact and provide information on the state of the balancer.

TECNA Safety Protection Cap | TECNADirect.com


Newly-reinforced packaging, along with redesigned package structure, offers optimal protection against impact and shock in shipping.

TECNA Optimal Protection Packaging | TECNADirect.com

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