TECNA Resistance Welders FOR SALE

Rocker Arm Spot Welders, Press-Type Spot Welders, and Press / Projection-Type Welders

TECNA resistance welders FOR SALE at TECNADirect.com include rocker arm spot welders, press-type spot welders, and press / projection-type welders. Integrating a range of machine and weld control technology from simple to more advanced, TECNA resistance welders are designed for ease of operation, ergonomic friendliness, and versatile use.

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TECNA Rocker Arm Spot Welders

TECNA foot and air-operated rocker arm spot welders are available from 16 – 50 kVA. Furthermore, our rocker arm welders can be configured with SINGLE-PHASE AC or 3-PHASE MFDC power supplies.

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TECNA Press-Type Spot Welders

TECNA press-type spot welders are available in SINGLE-PHASE AC, 3-PHASE MFDC configurations, 35 – 160 kVA. Press-type welders from TECNADirect.com are robust and versatile, air-operated and water-cooled, available in dual voltage 220v/440v.

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TECNA Press / Projection-Type Welders

TECNA press / projection-type welders are available in SINGLE-PHASE AC or 3-PHASE MFDC power supplies, along with 3-PHASE DC press welders for high-duty-cycle applications. We offer foot-operated and air-operated press / projection-type welders with different throat depths, so you’re sure to find a welder that best fits your application.

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TECNADirect.com by Weld Systems Integrators

TECNADirect.com is a stocking master distributor of TECNA Resistance Welders, including rocker arm spot welderspress-type spot welders, and press / projection-type welders. We also carry a complete line of bench weldersportable spot welding gunstool balancers, and accessories. Best of all, we keep an inventory IN-STOCK at our Warrensville Heights, Ohio location for quick shipment and delivery.

TECNADirect.com is powered by Weld Systems Integrators, Inc., a manufacturer of rugged, innovative, high-quality resistance welding equipment and machinery. For more information on Weld Systems Integrators visit www.wsiweld.com.

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