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TECNA stainless steel cable spring tool balancers and retractors from TECNADirect.com, sometimes referred to as INOX rope balancers, are multifunctional and durable. TECNADirect.com offers a complete range of stainless steel cable balancers with capacities from 0.4 to 396 lbs. (0.2 – 180 kg). Available stroke length up to 118 in (3000 mm). TECNA stainless steel cable balancers feature nylon, aluminum or rubberized-aluminum body material, and carry its load on a stainless steel wire rope.

Capacities from 0.4 to 396 lbs. (0.2 – 180 kg.). Stroke length up to 118 in (3000 mm).

See the SEARCHABLE table below for MODELS AND SPECIFICATIONS information.
Available TECNA Stainless Steel Tool Balancer Models and Series
9300 – 9303 Series 9311 – 9313 Series 9320 – 9323 Series 9336 – 9340 Series 9346 – 9350 Series 9354 – 9359 Series
TECNA-9300-9303-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9311-9312-9313-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9320-9321-9322-9323-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9336-9337-9338-9339-9340-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9346-9347-9348-9349-9350-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9354-9355-9356-9357-9358-9359-Balancers | TECNADirect.com
Available TECNA Stainless Steel Tool Balancer Models and Series
9354G – 9359G Series 9361 – 9369 Series 9361G – 9369G Series 9370 – 9371 Series 9370G – 9371G Series 9401 – 9405 and 9431 – 9433 Series
TECNA-9354G-9355G-9356G-9357G-9358G-9359G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9361-9362-9363-9364-9365-9366-9367-9368-9369-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9361G-9362G-9363G-9364G-9365G-9366G-9367G-9368G-9369G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9370-9371-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9370G-9371G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9401-9402-9403-9404-9405-Balancers | TECNADirect.com
Available TECNA Stainless Steel Tool Balancer Models and Series
9401G – 9405G and 9431G – 9433G Series 9411 – 9414 and 9434 – 9444 Series 9411G – 9414G and 9434G – 9444G Series 9422 – 9426 and 9451 – 9456 Series 9422 – 9426G and 9451 – 9456G Series 9502 – 9509 and 9520 – 9525 Series
TECNA-9401G-9402G-9403G-9404G-9405G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9411-9412-9413-9414-9434-9435-9436-9441-9442-9443-9444-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9411G-9412G-9413G-9414G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9422-9423-9424-9425-9426-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9422G-9423G-9424G-9425G-9426G-Balancers | TECNADirect.com TECNA-9502-9503-9504-9505-9506-9507-9508-9509-Balancers | TECNADirect.com
  • Rugged construction
  • Nylon, Aluminum or Rubberized-Aluminum body material
  • Ribbed and sealed monobloc construction in aluminium alloy
  • Stainless steel rope
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Safety device against load dropping due to the spring breakage (>3kg)
  • Auxiliary safety suspension
  • Centrifugal safety device
  • Upper rotary suspension with safety hook
  • Locking device to block the load at any height
  • Adjustable stroke limiting device
  • Taper drum rotating on ball bearings
  • Cable guide in antifriction material
  • Inert spring drum assembly
  • Polyamides thimble

* Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice

Available for certain models, please contact a customer service representative for help selecting the right product for your application.

OPTION F: Brake device. The balancer is equipped with a friction/brake which controls the rotation speed of the drum. This option is feasible when placing a new order while it is not possible to assemble this device on balancers already installed.

OPTION G: External rubber protection.

OPTION B: Locking/unlocking device with control from the floor.

OPTION RI: Rotary and insulating device.


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