TECNA MFDC Portable Welding Guns FOR SALE

TECNA Models: 3062Q, 3066Q, 3176, 3177, 3183 and 3184

TECNA MFDC suspended air-operated spot welding guns from TECNADirect.com. Models include 3062Q, 3066Q, 3176, 3177, 3183 and 3184 from 56 to 90 kVA.

TECNA 56 – 90 kVA MFDC portable spot welding guns feature inverter technology. TECNA inverter technology provides a higher welding quality, an extreme precision in time and current and a reduction in costs. INCLUDING a reduction in installation costs.

In addition, the welding time is adjusted in milliseconds thus allowing the best set-up. The welding current is supplied continuously and constantly and is not affected by the dimensions of the welding circuit.

TECNA MFDC Weld Guns Available from TECNADirect.com

TECNA MFDC Weld Gun Features

  • Designed for carrying out high quality welds with high productivity and reduced installation costs.
  • High electrodes force. Reduced dimensions and safe components.
  • Gyro suspension on sealed bearings, assuring, together with a balancer, an accurate maneuverability at any degree.
  • Rotation locking device.
  • Long working stroke to weld reinforcements, ribs, and to enable working in areas difficult to reach etc.
  • Adjustable working stroke for heavy duty.
  • Temporary extra stroke to reach the areas to be welded.
  • Chromium-plated cylinder and shaft for heavy duty and long life.
  • Lubrication free pneumatic circuit to avoid oil mist in the environment.
  • Secondary circuit in copper completely water-cooled.
  • Valves on the cooling circuit to make the electrodes replacement easier.
  • Supplied equipped with earth leakage switch with 30 mA safety control. Upon request ground fault unit.
  • Control handle enabling the selection of two welding programs as well as the opening of the double stroke and the function “pressure only”.
  • Safety device against accidental triggering.
  • Emergency push-button to stop the machine immediately.
  • Flow-switch which makes the welder stop if the cooling water does not circulate.
MODEL Nominal power at 20% (kVA) Nominal power at 50% (kVA) Short circuit current (kA) Arms Gap (mm) Arms Gap (mm) Max. electrode force at 6 bar (daN) Max. electrode force at 8 bar (daN)
3062Q 88 56 25 375 500
3066Q 142 90 30 465 620
3176 88 56 25 205 8.07 340 450
3177 88 56 25 265 10.43 340 450
3183 142 90 30 219 8.62 645 855
3184 142 90 30 312 12.28 645 855
  • Additional control handle.
  • Proportional valve. Allows to adjust the working pressure directly from the control unit and to combine a proper pressure value to each program. Assures constant and accurate working pressure.
  • Arms and electrodes: according to tables.
  • Different lengths of supply cables and hoses.
  • Balancers equipped with rotary and insulated hook (option RI).

TECNA MFDC Control Cabinet | TECNADirect.com

The control cabinet, which controls the medium frequency welder, integrates the inverter, the welding control unit TE710, the protection and safety devices. There are different sizes available, depending on the power of the welder.


  • Easy programming with LCD alphanumeric display showing messages in the language selected by user.
  • 300 welding programs recordable, 16 programs directly selectable from external device.
  • 6 functions modes: constant current, constant power, constant voltage, FIX, constant energy, DYNAMIC mode.
  • Limits in: current, voltage at the electrodes, energy, power, percentage of utilization of the inverter, initial and final resistance of the material welded, limit on the thickness and on the indentation of the material (optional).
  • Adjustment of the welding time in thousands of a second.
  • Removable key for programming lock.

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