TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns

Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty and MFDC

15kVA to 137 kVA

TECNA portable spot welding guns from TECNADirect.com.

TECNADirect.com carries the full array of TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns. Think of TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns when it is easier to bring your welder to your parts, than your parts to your welder.

TECNA Spot Welding Guns are available in both C-Type and Scissors-Type (also called X-Type). TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns are self-contained, including an integrated transformer and digital welding controls. Designed for optimal ergonomics, maximum versatility, and operator safety, TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns are robust and heavy-duty, ready for long-term use in a production environment.

TECNADirect.com is proud to offer the complete catalog of TECNA Portable Spot Welding Guns with single-phase AC or three-phase MFDC power supplies, covering a wide range of applications. Work with TECNA Direct to customize a configuration of arms and electrode holders for your TECNA Portable Spot Welding Gun to access almost any part.

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