TECNA Press / Projection Welders

TECNA Press / Projection Welders from TECNADirect.com are robust and versatile, air-operated and water cooled, available in dual voltage 220v/440v.

TECNA Press / Projection-Type Spot Welders from TECNADirect.com.

TECNA models 8201-8209, 8214, 6075 MFDC and 6121-6128 MFDC are available from 56-160 kVA. As a premier welding equipment manufacturer, we provide an extensive line of Air Operated Press / Projection Pedestal Welders. With different Throat Depths, you are sure to find the proper pedestal welder.

TECNA Press / Projection Welders

TECNA 820X Series Press / Projection Welder
63 kVA – 160 kVA
TECNA 607X Series Press / Projection Welder
TECNA 612X Series Press / Projection Welder
90 kVA – 160 kVA
TECNA 820x Series Press Welder | TECNADirect.com TECNA 607x Series Press Welder | TECNADirect.com TECNA 612x Series Press Welder | TECNADirect.com
TECNA 8201 – 8209 and 8214 TECNA 6075 MFDC TECNA 6121 – 6128 MFDC

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